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Raquel Araújo de Oliveira


Ensimag, Grenoble 2022 ~ ... Analysis and design of software objects (with UML)
2021 ~ ... Introduction to Unix
Software Engineering Project
Database Project (with Oracle)
Database Management Systems Principles (with Oracle)
Grenoble INP - La Prépa, Grenoble 2021 Informatics (2nd year)
Ensimag, Grenoble 2020 ~ ... Advanced Database (with Oracle)
UFR IM2AG, Grenoble 2020 Algorithms Validation (formal methods)
Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse 2020 Advanced Database (with Oracle)
Introduction to Database (with Oracle)
Object-Oriented Programming (with Java)
Object Modelling (with UML)
C Project
2018~2020 Git, JUnit, Collaborative Development
2018 Back-Office Development (with Java EE)
Integration, Verification, Validation, Qualification
2017~2020 Computer-Human Interactive System
C, C++, Java
2016~2018 Java EE (with Spring)
Projet Management (with Scrum)
Components, Design Patterns
Université Pierre-Mendès-France, Grenoble 2015 C2i Certification - Office programs
University Technological Institute 1 (IUT1), Grenoble 2014 Web Integration - JavaScript, JQuery, CSS
Algorithms and Programming Languages (with PHP)
University Technological Institute 2 (IUT2), Grenoble 2013 Introduction to Database (with PostgreSQL)
Ensimag, Grenoble 2012 Engineering of Human Computer Interaction